Claudia Spahr

Right Time Baby 

The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood


A lively and informative guide, Right Time Baby is for the woman who’s waited until she’s absolutely ready for feeding and burping to take over her life. Conceived as media-friendly and easy to digest, it hits the Zeitgeist and empowers later mums rather than adding to their anxiety.


The past ten years has seen the conception rate for European women over thirty-five soar. This trend is international and increasing as we get healthier. The subject is rarely out of the news with many celebrities having children later. Women today postpone childbearing due to higher education, pursuing careers and enjoying their independence. They also spend longer looking for the right partner.

The quirky, personable narrative is the book’s main voice but various inserts reveal facts, quotes, practical tips and useful information. The chapters are bite size on everything you need to know about fertility, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and the baby’s first year. It is a book to dip into covering all the medical concerns but also incorporating holistic opinions and more up-to-date integrated approaches. The book includes pregnancy yoga, parenting trends and the latest research in neuroscience, nutrition and psychology.  

This is the ultimate companion for the woman who lived a life before breeding and didn’t miss a single chocolate martini before deciding to shift her focus from pumps to Pampers. Right Time Baby is an intelligent, entertaining book aimed at inspiring the biggest transition of any woman’s life.

Right Time Baby will be released on May 16th 2011 by Hay House.